Where To Find Better White Jubbas For Less

Where To Find Better White Jubbas For Less - CAVE

If there's one thing every modest guy has in his closet, it's the plain white Thobe. Not only does it go with almost anything you wear, it's also one of the best ways to switch from work to leisure. With so many available, however, it can be overwhelming to choose which to go for without breaking the bank.

If you like to buy new white Jubbas but don't like to check your account balance, I have news for you: Cave provide affordable - but still fashionable - styles that save you money and make you look good. Here you will find basic white Jubbas that are inexpensive and Jubbas/Thobes for sale that make shopping a profit for you and your wallet.

White Pleated Omani Thobe

Our pleated Thobe made for everyday wear is something a little different from just a plain white Thobe! With cuffed sleeves in the style of a V-neck and pockets on either side, not only is it on trend but convenient alongside comfort for you throughout the day, only for £34.99, win-win.

White Jersey Soft Collar Thobe

This Jubba made from 100% Polyester is a daily must-have in every modest man’s closet. The sleeves can be rolled-up sleeves with a jersey feel. This can be worn throughout all the seasons and is machine washable! For £39.99 made from quality materials, it’s a no brainer!

White Classic Collar Thobe

This is our classic Jubba which is a staple in all wardrobes and can be styled either for a casual day time look or for any occasion. At £44.99 tailored to offer a sophisticated vibe, this will last in your wardrobe!


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