Where To Find Boys Jubbas

Where To Find Boys Jubbas - CAVE

Trying to find the right Jubbas for boys can be difficult. Especially whilst they are still growing, it is no easy task. The style can be simple, unique or  just somewhere in between. A bit of something for every occasion. Whether it is for Eid or if you are trying to find Jubbas for school.

A possible internal monologue for parents when they are thinking about a new Jubba for their child could be something like this: “First. Which style suits everything? Or do we need informal and formal? Will this Thobe be itchy? Is this going to fit right; can it be washed in the machine? Children also can't really tell if something is too small unless it breaks the bloodstream. Checking the price tag and whether it is worth spending the money if they are going to grow out of it in a year and so on.

We have done all the hard work for you and picked the best fits which can be ordered online saving you time and effort. Characterised by modern fits, on trend  and all-round good styles for all different types of occasions. Your one stop all-rounder shop starts here.

Cream Studded Collar Kids Thobe

If Eid is coming up, a wedding or any other special occasion, this is the ideal occasional Jubba. In a smart cream and subtle stitching in the details, any boy will be looking on trend and fresh.

White One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

An all in one, all-rounder, Bobs your uncle Thobe, ideal for school or Eid. Our smart Thobe ranges from ages 4-13 is not only smart but also comes with cuffed sleeves and high collar.

White and Grey Shemakh Collar Kids Thobe

This stylish, Arab inspired Jubba design in white and grey in the detailing, with cuffed sleeves is something a little different and unique- for only £24.99, you can`t say no.


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