Where To Find Dish Dash

Where To Find Dish Dash - CAVE

A dish dash is another Arabic name for a Thobe/Jubba. Here at Cave, we offer some of the best dish dash in London. We have a great range of dish dash clothing. We are certain you will find what you are looking for. This can depend on the quality, design, colour, fit, price etc. that’s why we have stepped in to help provide you the best that fits the above criteria and more.

Investing in the right Jubba is essential for how long it lasts in your wardrobe. Quality is important and where to find the right piece can prove challenging.

Cave are here for all these needs and wants! We have pin-pointed some of our Jubbas for you, from occasion wear to casual. Continue reading to check out our top picks.

White pleated Omani Thobe

Add this to your everyday line-up dish dash. Perfectly pleated in a classic V-neck design, ideal for running errands or going to the mosque. This Thobe will keep you feeling comfortable.

Black Jersey Soft Collar Thobe

A Thobe that takes on both style and comfort. Including a soft jersey feel material on the sleeves which can be rolled up, front zip detailing and pockets. Suited for any type of weather or season. Style this with one of our caps for your go-to style, making you feel, and look put together!

White and Gold Diamond Detail Thobe

Perfect for that upcoming event, turn heads with this gold detailing over buttons down the front. Tailored, soft material, already tailored, let the Thobe do the talking.

White and Black Tuxedo Shirt Collar Thobe

Inspired by the infamous tuxedo shirt, we incorporated this into our classic Thobe. White sleeves with black cuffs and around the collar, front buttoning will take you to a straight 12/10. The only ratings we accept.

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