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Hijabs for work & university

Hijab is an essential part of faith for Muslim women. Wearing the Hijab is a personal and independent choice that aims to solely please God and his commandments.

What is Hijab?

The root word meaning of Hijab in Arabic simply means a partition or barrier. It is also crucial to understand that the word Hijab has a wider significance and not just simply a head covering. As well as dress code it also represents modesty for both men and women which includes behaviour and character.

Hijab for university

In recent years the demand for Hijabs and Modest Wear has increased rapidly worldwide. Wearing a Hijab is a way of life for Muslim women as they must implement the Hijab in their day to day public activities. This includes wearing a Hijab at work, Hijab in schools and universities.

As a modest fashion brand we understand the importance of having quality Hijabs that are suitable for everyday use as well as occasional purposes. We at Cave offer a versatile selection of breathable Hijabs which include jersey Hijabs, Georgette Hijabs, Chiffon Hijabs, Silk Hijabs and cotton Hijabs.

Jersey Hijabs

Breathable Jersey Hijabs

Jersey Hijabs  are our personal favourite as its simple and easy to wear. A perfect option for work and universities. The Jersey Hijabs  are breathable and are made from 100% cotton jersey. Great for both summer and winter periods. These Maxi Jersey Hijabs give maximum coverage yet lightweight and effortless to style.

 Georgette Hijabs

Georgette Hijabs

The luxury Georgette Hijabs come in two different lengths; maxi and regular. A sophisticated fabric that is easy to style with work wear. A soft texture and long length ensures abundance styling alternatives. A variety of light-coloured nudes that work well with your everyday greys and blacks.

 Cotton Hijabs

Cotton Hijabs

Our luxuirous Cotton Hijabs at Cave are perfect for every occasion. The soft cotton gives you that extra warmth feel which is ideal for the winter season. With an assortment of colours these Cotton Hijab's are easy to match with workaday Abayas & modest wear.

To shop our full range of Hijabs please visit our website www.cave-london.com.

If you are based in London UK, you can shop our full range of Hijabs and modest wear at our London store; Cave, 77 Greenfield Road E11EJ.

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