Facts About Al Daffah Thobes

Facts About Al Daffah Thobes - CAVE

More and more retailers are coming into the modest market, including high-street retailers. While this is all well and good as we need better options. Are they missing on vital factors which differentiate a modest and non-modest man? As times are changing and fashion is evolving, what about quality? Fit? Purpose?

Al-Daffah Thobes are just the same as the Thobes that are on the market today. They are just another option from the market in Whitechapel. Now you must question as to whether the price point they are selling at is worth it?

At the Cave London we pride ourselves in the Thobes we provide to our customers in comparison to the Al Daffah Jubbas available today. We make sure our Jubbas are made from the best quality, being a tailored fit, especially for our more occasional Thobes as well as fulfilling its purpose for the modest man. We pride ourselves on being fashion-forward, only selecting the best pieces to sell that are the best of both worlds for all ages, styles and needs.

The Thobes from Al Daffah do not meet this criteria and can be overpriced for the type of quality they are selling to their consumers. A lot of the clothing available, incorporates the same style, fit and colour. Whereas the Cave make sure there are a variety of different options of Thobes readily available.

Here we have picked some of our unique, statement and classic Thobes that can be suited for any occasion and will last as well as not break the bank.

White and Black Tuxedo Shirt Collar Thobe

Our take on the tuxedo shirt but for modest men. A tailored occasional Jubba for special occasions and black cuffs and collar. This comes with front button detailing and front pocket to keep you looking smart time and again

Teal Omani Thobe

A unique teal coloured Thobe not available from many modest retailers. This Jubba being suited for any occasion and luxe finish with black stitching and string attached. Comfort is also included so you will be the ultimate package with this number

Off White Shirt Collar Thobe

Our limited-edition Thobe with a `shirt` inspired collar to match In off white is our top pick for occasional wear. With detailed cuffs and collar, this Thobe is a great addition to your fresh collection.

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