Gucci Jubba Trends for 2020

Gucci Jubba Trends for 2020 - CAVE

When it comes to Gucci, you think of luxury, designer, pricey, brand, unique and so on. But what about when it comes to our Jubbas for 2020? Gucci being one of the most influential fashion houses today, its no doubt this will be incorporated into the world of modest fashion.

Even though we are yet to see Gucci bring out a modest range including Thobes etc, you can probably find yourself a Jubba with the Gucci design online. But remember, you are just buying the brand print, especially if it is not coming from Gucci themselves. Unless you like a good dupe, is it worth it?

With so many online retailers bringing out dupes/fakes for many different designers such as; Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci and Balenciaga, it is no doubt more and more of these famous brands are coming into our mainstream market but the authenticity of these brands are slowly being lost because of this.

The best Jubbas in the UK are usually classic pieces that will not go out of style for years to come. Take it from us and check out our trends that we are taking into 2020.

Grey and Black Tuxedo Shirt Collar Thobe

Something different from the classic white Thobe yet keeping on trend, inspired with a Tuxedo in mind, a tailored fit with black front button detailing and black strip cuffs. Ideal for evenings and any smart occasion.

White and Blue Omani Thobe with Tassel

A casual white Thobe with tassel and blue stitching around the collar and down the front along with a blue strip cuff and V-neck detailing. Subtle yet different.

Grey Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Neutral colours are versatile yet timeless. This Kandura inspired Thobe made from soft Korean material, a hint of detailing across the chest with a  front zip opening, designed to keep you cool in warmer months or throw on a jacket or sweatshirt for when it gets colder.

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