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With an endless amount of Jubbas flooding the market, we return to the basics and focus on the 3 best you need in your wardrobe. If you want to build a Jubba collection, you should have a few different styles available to make sure you have one for every occasion. However, this does not mean that you have to open your closet and have to be drowned by a whole area of ​​them. Realistically, you can only combine 3 different styles, so you have enough options to work, but not so many that you are overwhelmed by them. After all, at Cave, we have a new collection of s twice a year. In this guide, we'll take a quick look at these versatile Jubbas and show you how to style them whether you prefer a casual or elegant look.


Collar Jubba

Jubbas Cave

The Collar Jubba is the most formal Jubba on this list and is something that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle especially for Weddings or special occasions.  What makes the  Collar Jubba different from, say the Omani Jubba is its fit and its overall finish. It's generally a slimmer fit than other Jubbas, has a more structured finish, and is a lot more elegant. 

Omani Jubbas

Omani Jubbas

Omani Jubbas has been somewhat renovated in recent years. In a modern design, the Omani Jubba usually comes in different colors and fabrics. Usually associated with Arabs in Eastern culture, but since then it has been adopted by conscious men of style all over the world. With its modern revival, some changes occurred in Omanis Jubbas, especially the number of buttons, but the overall surface and style of Jubba remained the same. Gorgeous non-collars give your clothes a clean and attractive look, and you can easily wear them with casual sneakers designed for an everyday look.

Short-Sleeve Jubbas

Short Sleeve Jubbas

Short-Sleeve Jubbas - another classic and something that has been around since the early days. It was first presented by the Moroccans in different styles from hooded to long-sleeve Jubbas. Since then, Short Sleeve Jubbas has evolved enormously and is now a major player in the men's Jubba game. The short sleeve Jubba is usually designed for casual outfits, but it's also very easy to make-up an outfit here, as chic and casual pieces become more blended together.


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