Our Favourite Chiffon Hijabs

Our Favourite Chiffon Hijabs - CAVE

Chiffon hijabs are of light-weight material and can be styled in so many ways. Over the shoulder for a casual and easy look, draped and pleated for more depth and volume and so on.

At the Cave we of course only supply the best quality chiffon hijabs. With an extensive range of colours, you are spoilt for choice. Chiffon is completely safe to be washed in the washing machine and the quality never falters. Can I just add they are so QUICK to dry too? 5 minutes in the warm sunshine and you are ready to go.

For hijab chiffon fabric this feels lightweight, it is breathable and has a transparent sheer appearance. Looking at it up-close its almost like a fine net or mesh and has a slightly rough feel as opposed to soft cotton which is perfect for warmer weather. However, chiffon can be layered enough to keep you warm during the colder months.

We at Cave have picked out our top three chiffon hijabs which can be suited to all seasons.


Darker neutrals are in this season, more specifically, brown, and beige tones. This brown cotton and silk is the perfect way to incorporate this new trend into your fall season wardrobe.


A unique colour of coral and burnt orange, coming in a size of maxi if you like to add layers to your hijab style or regular if you prefer draping over the shoulders. We approve for both warmer and colder months, a universal colour for sure.


To close off our favourite chiffons, we have chosen our soft grey crepe hijab. A colour which will never go out of style and if you are a neutral lover like me, this one is perfect. Might I also add this colour can be worn for any occasion.

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