Where To Find Abayas In The UK

Where To Find Abayas In The UK - CAVE

Finding the right Abaya in the UK can be a strenuous task. With many being bulk manufactured abroad which result in poor materials being used, lengthy waiting times for delivery or not being the right style of Abaya for you.

Abayas in London are readily available nowadays but are often made from cheap fabrics and may not always be what you are looking for when it comes to the colour, material, occasion, style etc.

Abayas are usually imported from abroad into the UK, usually from China/Bangladesh and are produced in bulk, therefore quality control can be missed. Cheap Abayas may not last as long in your wardrobe. Whereas luxury Abayas will provide you with better quality, unique designs and feel more comfortable to wear. Whether you are looking to buy Abayas for work or a special occasion. We got you covered! Keep reading to check out our latest picks.

Grey Soft Touch Slip Dress

This grey number is perfect for both work and special occasions. Wear with one of our Kimonos to take your look from day to night.

Black Soft Touch Slip Dress

An ideal capsule piece to start your collection or bring in more versatile items which can be paired with any open Abaya over the top or Kimono, this dress is perfect to be styled with accessories and any hijab. A no brainer.

Ruse Kimono Sleeve Abaya

If you are looking for that perfect Abaya for a special occasion, look no further than this piece. In a beautiful rust colour, tie belt, front pleating, and bell sleeves with button detailing. Pair with our soft Taupe Hijab to finish off your outfit.

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